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Home Detail Bands, Window Borders and Quoins:
Adding a simple or a detailed window border could be what your house has been missing. Also look at what corner quoins can do for your home. Northern Home Design can install any type of window border band or quoin you want. Either new construction or existing homes you may custom design your own window bands.

Retaining Walls ~ Upgrade your yards’ functional landscaping by adding in a new retaining wall. Whether you want it for looks, drainage, or for the stoppage of erosion, Northern Home Design will custom build a retaining wall to fit your yard.
From Veneer Plastering, Travertine Tile, Travertine Walls, Travertine Floors, Travertine Showers, Shale Tiled Bathrooms, Stone Retaining Walls, Stone Foundations, Northern Home Design is a company that can complete your next project. Here are just some of our finished projects